Scout H2o

AgScout H2o


Product Description

The AgH20 combines all the capabilities of the AgriCopter Pro, while being a completely water proof. Ideally suited for rice farmers, wildlife management, or for professional video and photography over land and water, this drone has the ability to land and take off from water.

This air frame is made from hand laid fiberglass, and optical grade lexan for the nose cap. It features full carbon fiber arms and mounting plates to the main body. This six rotor drone has the ability to land and take off from water, all while maintaining the ability to house a full 3 axis gimbal in the main housing. This allows for the operation of cameras such a thermal imaging units while protecting them in the waterproof main compartment. the Scout H2o has folding arms for easy portability and quick deployment. It can carry up to 20,000 mah of batteries and has an average flight time of 36 minutes. The extended main body has plenty of room for such things as emergency radio’s, life jackets, emergency beacons, and other SAR related items.

AgH20 includes the following:

 HD Recording Camera

 Seawolf Pixim Flight Camera

 Return-To- Home Feature

 Flight Goggles

 Full Flight Data Inside Goggles or LED Display

 GPS Assisted Flying


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