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Product Description


· 6 lb Airframe and 70” Wingspan

· 6 lb Useful Load and 1 hr Duration

· Autonomous and Remote Pilot Modes

· Mission Planning Software Included

· Bungee Launcher Included

· 4 Configurable Payload Bays

· High Density EPP Foam construction

· Replaceable Vertical Fins and Landing Skids

· Durable Elevons for Responsive Flight Control


· Area Survey and Photogrammetry

· Aerial Photography and Videography

· Precision Agriculture

· Wide Area Surveillance

· Pipeline and Powerline Inspection


Wingspan 70”


Airframe 6 lbs

Minimum Takeoff 6 lbs

Maximum Takeoff 10 lbs

Payload 2-4 lbs

Maximum Duration (No Payload) 1 hr

Propeller Folding

Autopilot PixHawk

Waypoint Navigation Yes

DataLink PixHawk

Frequency 2.4 GHz

Battery (1 max) 16000 mAh  LiPo

Temperature -10 to 40oC

Maximum Windspeed 30 kts

The RF70 is completely built and test flown. It includes:

  • RF70 Aircraft – which utilizes electric propulsion
  • 3DR Pixhawk stabilizer and autopilot system for advanced, fully autonomous flight, with return to home failsafe for lost link. Automatically plots flightpaths for surveying.
  • RF70 Aircraft Transportation Bag
  • RF70 Tool Box
  • 5 battery packs for 40 minutes of flight time
  • High powered battery charger which can charge batteries in as little as 20 minutes
  • Bungee Launcher for repeatable take offs
  • Hand held transmitter for command and control
  • Spare Parts so you can maintain operations even with lost parts or serious crash.
  • Onsite technical support and training available
  • Custom color schemes available at no charge

Custom Color Schemes for your RF70

The RF70 includes a custom colored stripe on the top of the wing so that the aircraft will match your company logo.

The standard color scheme is shown on the website (orange) with the bottom is black and the top white. The stripe on the top of the wing and compartments are your choice as well. The ailerons on white on top and black on the bottom. The vertical fins are black. The 4 hatches (top doors) are white, though they can be painted the same color as the stripe, or black if you prefer.

We recommend that you contact a graphics company to create a custom logo for your aircraft. The logo can go onto the colored stripe or onto the white portion of the wing. The blue stripe is 8” at the root and 2 ¼” at the tip and x 29” long for your reference to make a stick on logo. We do not typically design or apply the logos to the aircraft. If you would like us to apply the logos please contact us.


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