System Build

AGRIIMAGE maintains a full staff of experienced technicians so support a complete system design, assembly and test. We can assist you in selecting the appropriate platform, power solution, and sensor package tailored to your specific application and provide you with a turnkey solution that is ready-to-fly. Our system build services include the following:

  • Airframe Selection
  • Sensor and Gimbal Selection
  • Datalink selection
  • Procurement
  • Assembly
  • Ground Test
  • Test Flight
  • Training
  • Delivery
  • Number of personnel required

We also offer custom component design services including 3D-printing of components and fiber work.
Contact or call (731) 595-4321.

Data Collection

AGRIIMAGE can provide both flight services and data collection services to assist you in conducting your operation safely and properly. Our pilots are experienced with multiple sensor technologies and data formats and can assist in identifying flight parameters and mission profile. Having pioneered many of the recognized safety and operational risk management procedures for unmanned aircraft systems, AGRIIMAGE will not only be technologically prepared to perform and the client’s needs and expectations, we also enjoy an excellent safety record and operational practice that can minimize risk and maximize efficiency of data collection. We can also provide complete airframes fitted with the required sensor package.
The rates for data collection are dependent on the following:

  • Coverage Area (widearea, site, facility, installation)
  • Type of Data Collection (3D, Photogrammetry, Survey, Mapping, Agriculture)
  • Type of Sensor (Thermal, Electro-Optical, NDVI, LiDAR)
  • Cost for Imagery Port Processing
  • Cost of Ground Travel and PerDiem rates
  • Airframe supply (TBMUAS, Customer)

In addition to data collection, we can also provide full data post processing as needed and maintain a network of data analysis partners that can support orthomosaic, photogrammetric, 3D modeling, thermal assessment and other data analysis processes.

Contact or call (731) 595-4321.

Pilot Service

AGRIIMAGE maintains a network of FAA-certified pilots on staff to provide the required flight services. These pilots are highly experienced with both the fixed-wing and rotary platforms. They are FAA 333 certified and hold either commercial or private pilot licenses. They are available to travel to the required location with the most-suitable platform and sensor package, conduct the operation, and deliver the data in the appropriate format for post-production and analysis. We are familiar with many different photogrammetry and LiDAR formats and can provides a turnkey package including flight, collection analysis and presentation.
AGRIIMAGE maintains a very large network of pilot contacts and survey companies nationwide that offer UAS flight services. Many of these pilots and/or companies have purchased platforms from AGRIIMAGE and have received flight training at our facility. We provide support and materials to these companies, are well-respected as a technology expert, and are a one-stop supplier for all sUAS products. AGRIIMAGE can act as a prime contractor through which local pilots would be subcontracted to carry out the flight and data collection and analysis services. Additionally, unique geographic and topographical characteristics of the mapping location may necessitate local knowledge in regard to launch, flight and recovery considerations. It may be beneficial to have local pilots available to conduct the mission to a specific standard of deliverable requirements which would be defined by AGRIIMAGE and through a pilot training program.
TBM UAS trained pilots and certified visual operators are both safe and efficient, prepared to meet any challenge and exceed expectation. AGRIIMAGE pilots will adhere to the company’s duty day safety requirement of no more than 14 hours per duty day, a maximum of eight (8) hours of piloting, unless approved by executive management to a maximum of 10 hours, and a minimum of eight hours rest between duty days.

Contact or call (731) 595-4321.


TBMUAS maintains a full staff of technicians who can provide full system support and troubleshooting for platforms, sensors and datalink systems. We maintain an inventory of airframes, spare parts, sensors and accessories to offer quick response to service and support requests. Our support staff is available Monday-Friday from 0900-1700 and after hour support can be arranged in advance as required.
Any service and repair requirements will be addresses through initial phone support followed up by servicing at our facility in Sarasota, FL under the manufacturer warranty terms and conditions.

Contact or call (731) 595-4321.


Introduction to Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS)

  • Types
  • Applications
  • Capabilities
  • Regulations

Flight Training

    • Ground School
    • Principals of Flight
  • Operational Limitations
  • Vertical and Horizontal Speed
  • Weight and Center of Gravity
  • Horizontal Distance, Altitude, Endurance
  • Weather
    • Flight Safety
    • Flight Control (manual, autonomous)
    • Flight Planning and Mission Planning
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Aircraft Flight Simulation
  • Preflight, Inflight and Postflight Checklist
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Federal, State and Local Regulations
    • Good Practices and Right of Way rules
  • FAA Certificate of Authority (COA) process
  • Pilot in Command (PIC) Qualifications and Responsibilities
  • Observer qualifications and responsibilities
  • Recognizing and setting Early Warning Alarms/Signals
  • Flight and Certification Testing

Airframe Training

  • System Build Maintenance
  • Maintenance
  • Repair/Troubleshooting

Ground Support Training

  • Control Datalinks
  • Video Downlinks
  • Controllers
  • Ground Stations
  • Displays
  • Recording

Sensor and Payload Training

  • Remote Sensing Theory and Practical Application
    • Sensor Packages for Different Applications
    • EO/IR Sensors
    • NDVI Sensors
    • LiDAR
    • Gas Leak Detectors
    • Gimbals and Stabilization
    • Sensor Operator Qualifications and Responsibilities