Why Order From AGRIIMAGE?

Why Order From AGRIIMAGE ?

  • Thank you for considering AGRIIMAGE for your Unmanned Aerial System needs. AGRIIMAGE is the industry leader in  sales, service, client support, and client satisfaction. We employ a team of skilled individuals who are experts in each of their respective roles. With over 100 years of combined experience with manned aviation, RC, remotely piloted vehicles, and Unmanned Systems, AGRIIMAGE is strategically poised to develop the proper solution for your application. We cater to professionals in all industries and handle our clients with a high level of professionalism that we believe our clients should expect and we aim to exceed those expectations in every way.With years of experience working with industry leaders, AGRIIMAGE has the ability to offer turn key solutions for even the most demanding applications. From Agriculture to Antarctic Exploration, Industrial inspection to Cinematography, or even an amateur just starting out, we are more than happy to share our knowledge and expertise to better assist you in this rapidly growing industry. We understand these systems can be quite complex, confusing, and ultimately expensive, and we are more than willing to make professional, responsible product recommendations to set up our clients for continued success. We offer systems ranging from entry level to cutting edge, and everything in between. We are no stranger to integrating precision sensors from companies like FLIR, Micasense, ICI Thermal Cameras, and more. AGRIIMAGE carries a wide variety of aerial solutions for your application proudly working with airframes from UAV Factory, Precision Hawk, Altavian, 3DR, DJI, Roboflight, as well as possessing the ability to custom design airframes at the clients request. Most importantly, we stand behind our products and services and are not content until the client is satisfied with the service they have received.In addition to our excellent sales and technical support staff, AGRIIMAGE also offers training on every airframe we sell, and, if applicable, we are also happy to train our clients  on how to assemble their airframes as well. We find if the client is involved in the building process that they possess a more intrinsic understanding of the airframe and are more comfortable in the future making changes or reconfigurations to their airframe.  Partnered with the Unmanned Vehicle University, AGRIIMAGE has unparalleled training abilities applicable to any industry. AGRIIMAGE offers training at our Sarasota Facility or On Site at your location for as long as the client requests. With experience in multiple industries, AGRIIMAGE is a trusted advisor in assisting building internal UAV/S flight operations,  FAA exemptions, and continued success In the air.When choosing a company to rely on to provide your aerial solutions, you can count on AGRIIMAGE to support your operation and provide tried and tested solutions and recommendations from operational infancy to well into the future.Some of our clients include: AFRL, Amazon, Arcturus UAV, Brigham Young University, Defense R&D Canada, Dream works, Kansas State, Mississippi State University, Monsanto, Nasa, National Geographic, Navmar Applied Sciences, NWUAV, Siemens Energy, Space X, Stampede, Texas A&M, UFL, US Army, US Marine Corps, Virginia Tech , Xcel Energy, Xelon Energy, and many more.