DJI Spreading Wings S1000+

Troy Built Models wrote this all inclusive 28 page manual for DJI S1000+ pilots. Click here for the POH. Included are all the operating parameters you need to know about how to safely operate your DJI S1000. Troy Built Models also created hours of videos regarding the safe operation of the DJI S1000. Please print out this Pilot Operation Handbook, and follow along on the in depth video. Make changes to the checklists to put it into your own words. Add or subtract items on the checklist for your own needs. Laminate your checklist and use it every time that you fly. Safety is paramount!! The manual was written by Gene Payson who is a part time UAV pilot for the US Air Force and the director of flight training at Unmanned Vehicle University. This manual is free because we want you to be safe! Your safety is our concern.

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